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Balancing all of your responsibilities is no small task. And when you’re in the thick of it? Getting back in control feels unbearably overwhelming. Clutter and chaos don’t just mess up your house… They make you feel like a mess. When your space is clear, your mind is clear. And when your mind is clear it is open to more love, more joy, more passion, more fun, more LIFE! Who doesn’t want more of all of that?

Sunny Spaces provides all-inclusive professional organizing services that put your home and life in order. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and more in control of your day-to-day life… Now, that’s better!



Meet Gina

Gina Leo is the founder of Sunny Spaces. Born and raised here in Kansas City, Gina is a natural born organizer who thrives on positivity and inspiring others to live their best life. She has spent over twenty years in the restaurant industry, organizing schedules, inventory, and events. This is where she has mastered her craft and discovered her true calling in life.

In the second grade, she was the proud recipient of the “Spreader of Smiles and Sunshine” award. That title has stuck with her, and provided the inspiration for the name Sunny Spaces.

When she’s not helping busy moms and driven women organize their homes, you can find Gina traveling with her husband, devouring a personal growth book, or trying out new restaurants in downtown KC. She’s passionate about helping you take your life from force to flow.

Gina Leo Kansas City Home Organizer

Gina is a great delight to work with! She is professional, energetic, swift in thinking and doesn’t waste your time, and delivers this quality and efficient work ethic with lighthearted kindness, grace, and not a trace of judgement at the mess you’re asking help with!! She leaves you with a clearer path, a beautiful space, in which you have much more energy and motivation to be more creative, productive and happy in your next day’s adventure. Actually giving you more time and peace. I’m still enjoying the afterglow.
— Deb Evans Munholland